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Nothing is worse than not having enough free time for your favourite hobby because of endless housework. Other common scenarios are partially watching a movie and missing the whole plot or delaying plans for the weekend because your place is a mess. And nothing is better than spending precious time with your family and loved ones, right?

A simple phone call can change that. Get yourself a cleaner and start living today. We offer a vast range of cleaning services in Bromley area and we are proud of our team of reliable local cleaners who are happy to attend even today!

Services We Offer in London Borough of Bromley

Regular Domestic Cleaning

We are pretty sure that there are more enjoyable things to do than the constant worry about maintaining a clean home. Enjoy some free time as you please and book a contract with us, which you can postpone or cancel without any obligations after!

We are able to attend on either weekly or fortnightly basis, or even every day if you please.

All of our staff are fully insured, vetted and reference checked. We are able to arrange a meeting and if you feel comfortable you can pass a key to the cleaner so she could attend while you are not around. And then come back to a nice clean home in the end of the day.

One Off Cleaning (aka SOS)

What if you are expecting guests during the weekend and it’s already Friday and you just came back from work absolutely drained. Give us a call straight away. Our One Off Cleaning service is right for you. We can send you a local Bromley cleaner for a couple of hours just to freshen things up or if you want to make an impression, we highly suggest getting a team. They will bring own cleaning equipment and detergents, all you need to do is to let them in and inspect the results after the cleaning has finished. You probably never knew that the beige tiles in the bathroom were actually white, shocking!

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Tired of your landlord, flatmate or just simply want to move out from the current place? We got your back. We are quite flexible and we work in a short notice so if you would like to save a slot sometime next week or even next month, we can provisionally book you without any additional cost or deposit. The property must be empty of all personal belongings so we could perform the top to bottom cleaning. In addition to that, we offer a 48-hour guarantee on our service, just in case.

After Builders Cleaning

When the building work in your house has finally finished and you have pretty much gotten used to living with all the dust and covers all over the place, that means you need to improve things a bit. We offer just the right service and our Bromley cleaners will try to achieve the best results they can.

Similar to the One Off Cleaning, with more attention to plaster dust, corners and other details we will perform a spectacular job using our own professional equipment and detergents. If you are going through this now, consider scheduling the cleaning now because the builders will never clean after themselves.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

If your guests are able to tell your favourite drink or what have your kids or pets been eating just by looking at your carpet, maybe it is time to clean it. We offer two types of professional cleaning. Steam cleaning, which is suitable for synthetic fabrics and Dry cleaning which is a must for natural types of fabrics. For more information about the fabrics check the label on your carpet. But if you can’t find anything, do not worry. We will be happy to help you out.

Professional Window Cleaning

Sometimes windows just don’t seem clean enough when cleaned by hand. You do not have the right equipment to make them spotless or just too difficult and time consuming using the ladder. Forget that, we have a Reach & Wash Ionic system machine which can reach up to 3 floors from the ground. We will make sure your neighbour squints his/her eyes when walking by your house!

Call Us Today

As you can see the range of cleaning services we offer in Bromley is extensive and what is more important you have the opportunity to personalise them to your individual needs and requirements.

If you want to know more about any of our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We even offer free quotes so why not contact us today on 020 3519 8749.