Professional After Builders Cleaning in Bromley

We all have had those extensive and tiresome building work done at our home at least once in our life, if not all the time. Let's face it, builders never clean after themselves. Every homeowner should be aware of that and needs to be prepared for a big cleanup of the property after each and every visit of the construction workers. Or should you embrace the plaster dust in your home? We recommend you to give us a call ASAP. Our team of Bromley cleaners will arrive at first convenience armed to the teeth with the best cleaning equipment and detergents in order to achieve optimal results. No need to waste your time trying to recover your home’s initial state, we will perform a deep clean faster and at a professional standard.

Some Things Worth Considering:

After Builders Cleaning Service

Please note that the After Builders Cleaning is an hourly based service and we will suggest the most reasonable hours depending on the size of the property. If we are not able to tell over the phone, once we have sent our Bromley cleaners on site, we will advise you the hours that will be required in order to achieve satisfactory results. We have mentioned below both, what we usually suggest for the relevant size of the property and the cost, you can even provide a quote yourself. It might be a full top-to-bottom cleaning, however, we exclude a couple of things from the service. External Window Cleaning, Professional Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning and Internal Wall Washing are NOT going to be part of the service but can be performed by our team at an additional cost.

“How much is your after builders cleaning going to cost me?”

This cleaning will always require the presence of a team of cleaners, the fixed rate that we offer is £14.00 per cleaner/hour. The team that we will send will provide all the necessary equipment and detergents needed for the job. The hours that we suggest will always be divided between the cleaners, so they could finish quicker and at a high standard. Even a huge property can be done in just a few hours if there are enough cleaners and effort contributing to the cause.

“How to determine how many hours it will take you to clean my property?”

We have had enough experience in the past and we have come up with an average for properties of different size. There might be adjustments to the hours once on site, but we will not perform the work without informing our customers.

Please check the chart below with what we usually suggest for the different sized properties.

After Builders Cleaning
  • 1 bedroom flats: 6 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 3 hours
  • 2 bedroom flats: 8 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 4 hours
  • 3 bedroom flats/2 bedroom houses: 10 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 5 hours
  • 3 bedroom house: 12 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 6 hours
  • 4 bedroom house: 15 hours of cleaning, with a team of 3 they finish within just 5 hours
  • 5 to 6 bedroom houses: Between 18 and 20 cleaning hours, we will send a team of 3 or even 4 cleaners, depending on our availability

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