End of Tenancy Cleaning in Bromley

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

If you are a tenant and you are moving out of a property, you landlord is going to obligate you with having an End of Tenancy cleaning done. Sometimes there is a chance that your landlord is not going to put a lot of effort into finding the best deal out there. We offer competitive prices and also apply a 50% discount to all carpets and upholstery which require being professionally steam or dry cleaned. You can find out more about the two methods of cleaning in the page for Professional Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning.

Also obtaining your deposit back is definitely something you are interested in. Check with your landlord if he has some specific priorities before us attending. Booking the cleaning close or even on the same day as the inventory check is something you should consider because our service is a guaranteed one. We offer a free of charge re-clean of the property if we are signalised within 48 hours after we have conducted the service.

What We Expect From You

In order to have the End of Tenancy cleaning properly done, we will require some things from you first. Please note that we expect the property to be emptied from all items and personal belongings. All of the cupboards, drawers and the wardrobe need to be empty before conducting the service. The fridge/freezer needs to be defrosted in advance and to be empty, we recommend switching it off 24 hours before the cleaning takes place. Please note that we do not do disposal if there are any items left we will simply leave them in a bag outside the property.

Our Bromley End of Tenancy Service Consists Of:

End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is a pretty standard top-to-bottom cleaning of the property. The only things which are going to be excluded from this cleaning are the internal painted walls and the external windows. We are unable to remove mould, as it is considered damage to the property. We have well-trained teams of professional Bromley cleaners and we are going to try our best in achieving optimal results, but sometimes that really depends on the property’s initial condition. We can’t make miracles.

Please find the complete list written below:

  • Kitchen - The kitchen has a lot of appliances which require cleaning, all of them are part of our service and will be professionally cleaned inside and out. The fridge and freezer, the microwave, the oven with the hobs, none will be left unclean. Worktops, floors, tiles and all surfaces are going to be scrubbed, washed and sanitised. Beneath the shelves and cupboards and everything within our reach.
  • Bathroom - Tiled walls and floors, shower screens/cabins, baths, taps and sinks and all other surfaces are going to be scrubbed until they sparkle. We will make sure to remove all limescale, if possible.
  • Living room - This room is more about mopping, dusting and vacuuming things, but it is very time-consuming sometimes. There are doors with door frames, skirting boards, fixtures, woodwork, lamps, pictures, bookshelves, windows and window frames and sills which all require attention. We will make sure we cover all surfaces and furniture, above and beneath and everything within reach.
  • Staircases and hallways - We will make sure to deeply mop/hoover the flight of stairs, landings and hallways. If those areas are carpeted and you would like to have a deep steam or dry cleaning of them, we must be aware beforehand, and all other carpeted areas which you would like professionally cleaned.

Do not hesitate to contact us or call 020 3519 8749 if you have any questions about our end of tenancy cleaning service in Bromley area.