One Off Deep Cleaning in Bromley

When you have just returned back from vacation or you have been living messy recently you know it’s about time for the whole place to get a nice deep once-over, but you are just delaying it until you would prefer to live on the street. Save yourself some time and leave the job in the hands of our professional Bromley cleaners. They will do a better job than yourself alone anyway. You do not even need to have the necessary cleaning equipment and detergents at your property, we will bring everything required in order to achieve optimal results there. Count on us!

Some Things Worth Considering

One Off Cleaning Service

Please note that the One Off Cleaning is an hourly based service and we will suggest the most reasonable hours depending on the size of the house or flat. Bear in mind that they may vary once our team is on site, depending on the condition of the property. For example, we cannot clean your 5 bedroom house, on 4 floors with an attic and basement, garage, balcony, 5 bathrooms, etc. for 3 hours. It really doesn’t work like that if you are looking for impressive results. The only things that we exclude from this service and can be done at an additional charge are the External Window Cleaning, Professional Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning and Internal Wall Washing. If your property is bigger but you have a list of cleaning priorities that need doing not the whole thing, we will be happy to attend and complete the tasks.

“How much does a one off cleaner in Bromley cost?”

  • Cleaning with our equipment: We have a fixed rate of £14.00 per hour for a cleaning where we bring our own cleaning equipment and detergents. Please note that we are unable to send 1 cleaner with cleaning equipment and detergents, it must be a team. The benefit of having a team, for example consisting of two cleaners, is that they will manage to finish the job faster (e.g. a 6-hour job is going to be done in just 3 hours).
  • Cleaning with your equipment: In this case, it is most likely for you to look for only one Bromley cleaner for a couple of hours, just to cover the communal areas and some standard stuff. We are able to offer the fixed rate of £12.00 per hour for a cleaning using your cleaning equipment and detergents on sight.

“How can I tell how many hours it is going to take to clean my property?”

We have thought of that as well, and after our years of experience, we can provide an average. Please check the chart below with what we usually suggest for a certain property.

One Off Cleaning
  • 1 bedroom flats: 6 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 3 hours
  • 2 bedroom flats: 8 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 4 hours
  • 3 bedroom flats/2 bedroom houses: 10 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 5 hours
  • 3 bedroom house: 12 hours of cleaning, with a team of 2 they finish within just 6 hours
  • 4 bedroom house: 15 hours of cleaning, with a team of 3 they finish within just 5 hours
  • 5 to 6 bedroom houses: Between 18 and 20 cleaning hours, we will send a team of 3 or even 4 cleaners, depending on our availability

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