Regular Domestic Cleaning in Bromley

Domestic Cleaning Service

The term “contract” sounds scary, like some sort of long term fund draining mechanism, right? Not really, we use it just to note that we keep in touch and you are updated about all of the current things that are going on with the contract. For example, we tell you if a cleaner is going to be late or if she is sick and there will be a replacement and such things. The terrifying contract that you have with us can be postponed for a while and even cancelled without any consequences or obligations, it is quite a simple procedure.

All of our Bromley cleaners are fully insured, vetted, reference and police checked. They are all experienced, understanding and friendly.

What About the Payment?

Payment is either cash on the day, directly to the cleaner if you don’t have or forget to leave you can always leave double next time. Another option, mostly suited to offices and companies which need to manage their finances strictly, we offer bank transfer payment. We will forward you the invoice at the end of each month with our bank details.

Is There a Minimum Amount of Visits and Hours per Week?

We have two options for the Regular Domestic Cleaning:

  • Weekly basis:

We can send you a cleaner once a week, for a minimum of 2 cleaning hours. The rate per hour is £11.00/hour.

  • Fortnightly basis:

We can send a cleaner once per two weeks, for a minimum of 3 cleaning hours. The rate per hour is £12.00/hour.

If necessary we are able to attend every day and we will make sure it is the same cleaner in order to avoid confusion and further chaos. Most of our cleaners in Bromley work 7 days a week, at no additional cost during the weekend. They are quite flexible with the time and days but still if you are comfortable with leaving a key, it really puts off some weight from their already crowded schedules. That will be much appreciated, if possible.

What Can be Included Within the Cleaning Hours?

Domestic Cleaning

Well, it is a general domestic cleaning. We will be trying our best to keep your household in order after every cleaning visit. We will do our best to help with tasks required, and once our Bromley cleaners get the hang of it, you might not even need to tell them, as they will be already aware of your needs. They are all quite experienced and they will know which things to prioritise based on the hours booked, or if you have some special requirements feel free to pass them onto her or just advise us beforehand. We do ironing as well, we have a standard of 7 shirts per hour. Sometimes when you don’t need much cleaning the cleaner can just come for some ironing alone.

That pretty much sums up our service, if there is anything that you would like to ask, feel free to contact us back either via e-mail or phone - 020 3519 8749. We will be happy to help!