Professional Window Cleaning in Bromley

Window Cleaning

Getting your windows clean might be quite difficult to do by yourself, not to mention if you have a property on two or more floors. There is absolutely no chance that you would like to indulge yourself in this tiresome task on a Saturday morning or even a whole Saturday, instead of spending your free time the way you love. Climbing on ladders, buying the adequate equipment for the job to achieve perfect results, it just a bit too much effort for something which can be done way easier, in fact not done by yourself at all. To help you out Master Clean offers professional window cleaning services in Bromley and its surrounding areas at a price you can afford.

“How do you operate, what do I need to do?”

Our Bromley window cleaners are equipped with all the right stuff necessary for the relevant job. While the service takes place, you can simply lay back and watch or do something else more productive with your time. In most cases we would like to clean windows manually, as the control over the brush is easier and regardless of how clean some windows are there are some spots and bits, dried to solid from the sun rays which just cannot be easily extracted without the help of a good old scrub.

“Well I can do that by myself, but what about the ones that I cannot reach?”

We have a trick up our sleeve for the hard to reach ones. Our Reach & Wash Ionic system is able to deal with the windows located higher than our reach with a ladder or any of our extensive poles with brushes. It can cover ground, first and second floors with ease, the only issue is that the machine is installed inside our van and it needs to be parked nearby. The machine has a water tank and the extensive brush sprinkles purified water, ensuring we leave no marks. Easy, practical and last but not least important, it 100% prevents any injuries to our technicians.

“How much does your window cleaning in Bromley cost?”

Window Cleaning Service

We have rates for standard windows, we are able to offer:

  • * £7.00 per standard window for external cleaning
  • * £10.00 for both – in and outside

But of course there aren’t just standard single pane meter by meter windows we know best that there are all types and shapes of windows one can have. There are sash, bay, velux, skylight, sliding doors, patio doors, glass conservatories and probably many others. It gets even more confusing, all of the mentioned have different manufacturers and this means that they have different sizes and shapes.

We always suggest a picture to be sent of the windows, which require cleaning or the full address of the property so we could look it up online, both work in most cases. If it is difficult to tell, we are able to send one of our Bromley window cleaners on site and we will forward you the quote shortly. We will try our best to stay competitive and offer an adequate quote for the job required.

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